Albion -Greek Revival June 15, 2015

Albion is our model of Greek Revival architecture.  In every town we enjoyed the buildings constructed during the time when the Erie Canal was the financial engine of the area.  Many wealthy people donated lots of money to worthwhile causes; we got to enjoy the results on our voyage of discovery.

20150615 Albion ZS50_0400

Barns were everywhere we looked.  Some were especially colorful, universally painted dark red, and working to grow, store and raise the products of the area.

20150615 Albion to Medina IMG_4587
20150616_Albion_0202The Albion fire and police department buildings combine an old and new architectural styles, giving hope the town will continue to prosper.

20150616_Albion_021020150615 Albion_Church1_ZS50-0317-One of many lovely churches constructed in the towns we visited.  We understand these were frequently constructed from stone mined by hand during the construction of the Canal.

The farm lands were healthy from recent rains.

20150616_betw Medina and Albion2_0178

Click here to visit Culvert Road under the Canal and Medina