2021 6/12 – 6/14: Savannah and Stu’s Birthday

On June 12, we left Florida, a 3-day-long state for us, and crossed the Florida-Georgia line.  Other than the color of the concrete, nothing really changed.

We continued across most of Georgia and made camp at the Red Gate Campground and RV Park, chosen because it was the closest place to downtown Savannah where Joan had planned a terrific birthday day for Stu’s 76th. The park was a disappointment. The writeup mentioned several interesting farm buildings and bicycle and walking paths. What they didn’t mention is the place was an open field that turned to mud and water after a small rain shower. They also neglected to mention the nightly “concerts” with window-rattling percussion and  shouting partiers who continue well past our bedtime. And finally, our neighbor who set up a porta-potty next to our trailer?

Fortunately, Savannah was at the opposite pole. Joan got us tickets to the Old Town Trolly for a day of narrated sightseeing. We have been to Savannah before; it was even nicer this time. The town is the downtown equivalent of  a game preserve. Rather than destroying the land and killing the animals, forward thinking people of Savannah preserved, restored, and enhanced the historic buildings to create a satisfying tourist experience.

After half a day of riding on the trolly and walking, we aimed for Market Square to hunt for the perfect lunch. We found it at Cafe at the Market with a promenade side table under a rain-proof cover with a perfect breeze. While Joan enjoyed her Chicken Market Salad, Stu had his birthday meal of long anticipated Shrimp and Grits. Relaxing, quiet, good lunch.

Joan took me to the local famous ice cream store Leopold’s for a long line to wait for a delicious chocolate sundae to share. Every tour driver recommended Leopold’s as a must place to stop. It was quite good and the memory was worth the wait in line.

As I was enjoying our ice cream (Joan lets me pretend it is for both of us), we also enjoyed a statue of Marilyn Monroe, an actress who was comfortable with her sexuality and used it to her advantage in many situations. I got to pose with her, enjoy the ice cream and the lovely Birthday. Thank you Joan for making this happen!

The best for last, Joan and I shared stir-fried scallops and salmon with Sheila and Bob via a zoom call. They had a birthday cupcake and we had a bowl, each with a candle to simultaneously blow out. I can’t remember a nicer celebration. Thank you Joan for organizing the day and thank you Sheila and Bob for joining us.

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