2021 08/02 Visit to Miami Zoo

We rose early planning to go to the Zoo, located just adjacent to the campground; we shared a fence with the zoo grounds. Unfortunately, a 11 am. checkout time changed our plans so we packed and drove Winnie to the Zoo parking area. We had planned a quick visit, taking the Zoo monorail back to the large ape area and visiting our relatives, the various apes. But, as so often has happened this year, COVID forced the closing of the monorail and effectively doubled our walk distance.

We love the Miami Zoo. There are nearly no fences so close up views of the animals doing what they like to do are common. One of our favorite views is an animal playing in their space. This is the best of the best – the white-cheeked gibbon which can swing from branch to branch as fast as 34 mph:

Another favorite is the orangutan, always having a bad hair day:

The zoo is very large, and there are many more animals to see, all in natural surroundings with a moat to protect the spectators. Somehow the zoo planners  calculate just how big a moat is needed for each type of animal. There’s never been a problem with an animal jumping over the moat and getting into trouble.