Winter Haven Moose Lodge

Not really a boat or a car, the Moose Lodge is a place. Lovely grounds, nearly quiet and empty spaces by the water, and nice people combine to make the lodge an ideal choice for a second home. It is located in a nice area with lots of connected lakes to explore in TwoTo and fine places to eat. We are along the route to making new friends with similar interests in the outdoors, water, and comradeship.

Stu enjoys sitting in the shade by flowing water while watching boats go by just far enough away to be silent. The Moose is this and much, much more. The lodge is a place of calm away from politics and daily tension. The people there (mice?) are polite and nice to each other in a way that feels like family at its best.

Stu, Joan and TwoTo joined on January 23, 2022,  and have our own RV site, slip for TwoTo, and admission to the least expensive draft beer I’ve seen in years: $2 for a 16 oz Yuengling draft in a frozen mug served in a non-smoking bar.

Moose Lodges are a charitable organization that supports children by providing a safe campus, Moose Haven, that meets their unique needs.  This lodge runs gatherings, parties, and activities such as Corn Hole Toss that raise funds for charity. I’m happy to see that a small part of my occasional drinking goes to support kids.