2020 March – Visit Daytona Raceway

As word was spreading of a fearful coronavirus in California, and just a week before we started our stay-at-home living, we took a planned trip to Daytona Beach (in our RV) to see the Motocross Racing. Spirits were high and no one was aware of the health dangers ahead for Florida.

Inside the oval paved racetrack where the Daytona auto racing takes place, a crew of bulldozers had created a dirt track of hills and valleys for the motorcycles to race. The races kept coming, one right after another, about 60 different classes, young and old, novice and advanced, stopping after every 10 or so races to give the bulldozers a chance to tidy up the track.

It was exciting to watch and to photograph.


Starting at 5 years old and younger, each age class had a bike sized to her or his needs.