2021 Summer Leg 2: Stu’s Trip to Austin and Philadelphia

Rather than staying in the usual RV Campgrounds or the parking lots of places like Walmart that permit overnight RV camping, Stu joined Harvest Hosts where, for a very modest yearly fee, he gets an app that points to breweries, vineyards, attractions that permit overnight camping. His first stop was about 4 hours from driving from Austin.

2021 Jul 14 – Crying Eagle Brewing Company:

The Crying Eagle Brewing Company was another “find.” It was a free overnight campground with a rolled gravel parking lot and a nearly new craft brewery attached.

My favorite stop going to and from Houston is the Faubourg Brewery. Located in a working waterfront part of New Orleans, the approach roads are a bit discouraging, but the place is lovely. Large, flat, well lighted, guarded, it has a rolling lawn with child-oriented games and many picnic tables. At the front of the yard there is a performing stage, a covered area with tables for out of the sun eating, and the brewery.


The brewery parking was crowded by the time I settled in for the night. There were 3 other travel rigs in the lot with sufficient space for thousands of cars. Apparently it fills up when there is name entertainment.

My usual visit to New Orleans includes an extended walk around the French Quarter. This year, I happened on City Park. Lovely.

Joan and I met after her flight into Philadelphia Airport was delayed until mid-evening. We returned to our campsite to start the Philadelphia part of the visit.

Stu arrived first in Philadelphia and settled into the Philadelphia/Chester KOA.  The campground was a disappointing place with lots of flies and campsites that were impossibly hilly. Stu leveled Winnie, our trailer, to avoid rolling out of bed and so the air conditioner could drain and the refrigerator could cool.

Cheesesteak as it should be

Once set up, Stu indulged in a “real” Philadelphia cheesesteak on a large Amoroso roll that was toasted perfectly. The steak was grilled with onions and mushrooms and enough cheese stirred  to take 3 years off his life expectancy. It was worth it; he can still taste the peppers and smell the steak in his dreams.

Follow us to Philadelphia and on to Atlantic Shore points by clicking here.