Entering Skyline Drive: Mathews Arm Campground

We tried to limit our driving to about 200 miles or three hours each day.  Several reasons: the motorhome is hard for me to drive; the motorhome is 4 times the size of my car, thus terribly affected by passing trucks and breezes; it just fits in the lane and doesn’t fit under all the bridges and tunnels we pass; and Joan gets tired of sitting still in the RV for longer than that (despite stops every hour or so to walk for a few minutes).

We had to enter the park through the exact center of the entrance bridge – with the ranger nicely moving the cones and waving us in. Our senior pass, at $10 for a lifetime of use, gave us free access to this wonderful park.

Nevertheless, other than closing our eyes several times and hoping for the best, we cleared the hurdles and settled into the campground for the night.

Joan and her faceless friend at Dicky Visitors Center

Shortly after entering the park, we stopped at the Dicky Ridge visitor’s center to fill up on booklets, charts, maps, and some local knowledge. Joan met her faceless long lost companion for an update on road conditions.

After 5 nights in Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway RV campgrounds, it was time to leave the beautiful mountains behind and head for Charlotte, NC.

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