The Drive Home – sightseeing and visiting friends and relatives

When we travel, we typically take a long flight to a destination, enjoy the vacation, and fly home.  In a motorhome trip, most people just drive for a few days non-stop, the equivalent of flying to the destination. We choose to, as far as possible, take shorter days and stop in interesting places. It was an excellent choice.

On our way home from Blue Ridge Mountains, our first stop on the last leg of our trip was in Charlotte to visit Ariel and Matt Wellman and their lovely new baby, Natalie.  Click here to enjoy the visit with us.


We continued south after dinner and stopped at a Walmart parking lot for the night.  The stop was much better than it sounds. We continued to Jacksonville and St. Augustine the next day, stopping in another Walmart that night. See the story of Camp Walmart, Jacksonville and St. Augustine by clicking here.

Finally, after a second enjoyable Walmart night, we enjoyed breakfast on the Flagler Beach near Ft. Matanzas.  We traveled on North for a lovely lunch with Jean and Gary Glenn in Melbourne, and continued home. Follow this last leg by clicking here.