2022 5/4 – 5/8 Lakeland Balloon Festival

2022 5/4 Joan Arrives in Lakeland via Amtrack

Remember when, as a child, you dreamed of trains? Lionel model trains progressed to HO as your fingers grew to better handle the small models. Stu commuted to one of his college co-op jobs via the Paoli Local and it was the best part of the day. Always on time, clean, quiet ad fast.

Trains in the US stopped progressing. They no longer run on any predictable schedule. Joans train from Delray to Lakeland was later than the total travel time for a similar distance in Europe and twice as late as the travel time would be in Japan

Trains remain just as beautiful, just as imagination inspiring and a growing symbol to what can no longer be accomplished in Ameria

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2022 4/7 Florida Polytechnic

The Innovation Science and Technology (IST) Building is the keystone of Florida Polytechnic (and most of Florida) modern architecture. This building, designed by the Spanish architect Dr. Santiago Calatrava was completed in 2014. The site attracts photographers who come to admire the graceful lines, lovely curves and functional beauty that is the building’s hallmark.

The building is less than 10 years old so it is early to be sure, but it seems to be aging beautifully.

2022 4/8 Morning Balloon Launch

2022 Winter Haven Living Water Boat Cruise and Harborside Restaurant